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Gary K. Munkelt & Associates was founded in 1989 as a company specializing in structural designs for the concrete and steel fabrication industries. Founder and owner Gary K. Munkelt, who graduated from Bucknell University with a Master’s Degree in Engineering, has been practicing engineering since 1960. After graduating from Bucknell University, Gary got his first exposure to the world of concrete while working on a pumping station project as an engineer within the construction department at Lederle. Over the next 25 years, Gary developed a significant level of expertise in the concrete industry through various positions in local municipalities, WA Miller Consulting, Atlantic Concrete Company, and his own burial vault company. Also during this time, while working with Schmidt Industries as a consultant, Gary further expanded his engineering repertoire in the design of structural steel mezzanines. After years of working for others in the industry, Gary realized there was a niche market in the precast concrete arena and decided to form his own consulting firm in 1989. This company was established to provide a core of experience & expertise in precast reinforced concrete. Gary’s vision in 1989– to provide personalized attention, specialized expertise, and quality product at a fair price – is still our vision today.



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Building on Gary’s legacy, Gary K. Munkelt & Associates evolved into a multi-disciplined engineering firm specializing in structural designs for a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, concrete, material handling, fiberglass, signage, fall protection, and storm shelters. We provide structural engineering support primarily to manufacturers and product developers. We work very closely with the manufacturing industry to help develop their products to meet any applicable building codes. With over a century of combined experience in the industry, and licenses or affiliates in all 50 states & the District of Columbia, we have the resources to quickly produce, from start to finish, the structural engineering design that your business needs, when you need it. One company to meet all of your structural engineering design and review needs nationwide. Meet our team….


About Us

We are a small, flexible organization with over a century of combined engineering experience. Our unique combination of large-firm expertise coupled with small-firm personal attention allows Gary K. Munkelt & Associates to deliver structural engineering solutions tailored specifically to your business process. We treat every customer’s business as if it is our own.